Our conference and travel tips


Always be open minded and imagine……thousands of potential good friends and business contacts..... Do efficient networking. The time is limited - use it properly. Talk to people - also the unknown - that’s networking. Be friendly, ask questions and show interest. Offer your help and knowledge. Ask for help if needed – a lot of people would be happy to help. As a first timer, look for the Senator colour mark on the conference badge – The Senators have a lot of JCI experience and are good to ask for advice.

A hard time:

During conferences there is a risk to stress the body and there will be a lot of walking. Be prepared for a hard time with less sleep - One day off work after return from conference is very good.

Keep contact:

Exchange data very quickly – It is difficult to remember all the new names and without a mobile phone number to reach contact you might never meet that person again during the conference. Find your new connections on Facebook, Linkedin, Xing etc

Your win:

During a conference you can choose your favorite subject and improve your language skills. Cultural exchanges, international friends , good atmosphere, parties, fun and crazy things, people with same interest, business contacts and a boost of positive energy.


Find a map of the location - take a photo, then you have it available in your phone. Mark your conference bag with your colourful tape - then you know which one is yours.

During the day: Always bring with you :

A map is useful to find evening events and to find back to the hotel. If the badge hook easily opens, then lock it with tape. If low temperature then wear a sweater or long sleeve shirt below the JCI shirt. Be prepared for changes……. There are a lot of alternatives to do if something is cancelled. Bring small snacks/candy/biscuits and drinks - And remember to share with your friends. Bring an umbrella if it looks like rain. Alternative is a waterproof map - just unfold it.


Prepare for the evening by sleeping in the late afternoon. Not all evening events have enough food - so eat a bit before the evening events. Remember to wear special outfit/national shirt for the theme parties/opening party. Use other shoes in the evening as during the day – your feet will like this. Don’t forget the galla ticket !!!! some galla parties requires this. After the parties – Get some food and drink something non-alcohol. This helps to keep you fit for the next day.

Before traveling:

What to pack for the conference: What to pack for the conference – Clothes: What to pack for the conference - Technical equipment: What to pack for the conference - Papers: What to pack for the conference - Business / Trainer: If traveling by car: